Admitting You Have a Problem is the First Step

I think sometimes you just have to acknowledge that facts are facts, and that you are, indeed, in love with a woman who is deeply in love with another man.

Easier Said Than Done

Sometimes I get really confused about what I want out of life, but when I think really hard about it, it usually boils down to this: I just want someone to hold my hand.

Social Fragmentation

The modern internet landscape is cluttered with all these one-stop shops for sharing various aspects of our lives: Dailybooth, VYou, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, etc.  Often I’ll think about visiting this blog to write something, but then I’ll suddenly have a mini panic attack about whether I should write here, or over on Tumblr.  Or perhaps I could distill my thoughts into 140 characters and post it on Twitter. Or perhaps I could write my thoughts into a script for a YouTube video.  OR… maybe someone has already asked me a question on VYou pertaining to the thoughts in my brain, and I can just answer over there.

All this leads to me wondering if I should simplify my online presence.  I’m scattered throughout all these various websites; will people get a more meaningful experience if they can absorb my content through a fewer number of services?  Should I shut down this blog and instead use Tumblr for my musings and ramblings? Certainly more people would see what I have to say if I posted things over there.  If I don’t shut down this blog, how do I decide what belongs here and what belongs there?

First world problems.

Lend Me Your Voice

I’m looking for a talented vocalist to work with in completing a song.  I need someone who has the means and know-how to record their own (clean, dry, and high-quality) vocals remotely, and who also has the time to begin working on this, like, tomorrow.

Once finished, the song will be featured on my YouTube channel and placed on iTunes for sale. The vocalist on the song will receive 25% of the royalties, which, honestly, probably isn’t going to be very much; you’d likely be looking at about $5-$10 a month.

If you’re the one I’m looking for, please email me an audio file in which you show off your skills:

The Third-Grade Cheaterface

When I was third grade, we we were often given reading-comprehension worksheets. The top third of the page would contain a few paragraphs of writing, which could have been a short work of fiction, some bit of history, or an explanation of a simple scientific principle. The rest of the page would have a series of multiple-choice questions about the paragraph, to test how well we understood the reading.

One day, while completing one of these worksheets, I noticed the the kid to my left was up to something: as soon as I filled in a bubble, he would fill in the same bubble on his worksheet. To verify my suspicions, I feigned confusion, and erased the answers I had already marked. Sure enough, he also erased his answers.

I dont know that I was annoyed about him cheating in general, but the idea of him exploiting my mental effort to make up for his own laziness bothered me. I promptly set about marking my paper full of purposely-incorrect answers, and watched (out of the corner of my eye) as the cheaterface marked all the same answers on his worksheet.

Once I had answered all the questions, I stood up to turn in my paper on the teachers desk. Cheaterface did the same, and I purposely walked very slowly so that he would reach the teacher first. Once I saw his worksheet hit her desk, I turned around and headed straight back to my chair, erased all the incorrect answers, and filled in all the correct ones, relishing in the horrified look on my peers face.

Even at a young age, I had an occasional appreciation for schadenfreude.

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